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The term “digital card” also referred to as digital card, virtual card (VCC) or cloud card is an online hosted, digital representation of any card that is plastic or an alternative method of identification for IdM. Digital cards, unlike plastic cards, doesn’t require physical representation at all since it’s completely electronic and online hosted.

Unlimited VCC Create Method

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What is the virtual card function ?
Unlimited VCC Create Methods function exactly as your bank card in physical form. They simply reside in your digital wallet on your smartphone instead of your wallet. Secured through encryption, they provide an easy and secure payment options both online and in-store.

What is the purpose of a virtual card ?
The name implies that virtual payment cards are debit cards or Unlimited VCC Create Methods which are entirely created online. They’re randomly generated 16-digit numbers and come with the card verification number as well as an expiration date. They operate in the exact way that traditional credit cards work, without the requirement for physical cards.

Do I transfer money from my virtual card to a the bank accounts ?
The ability to send your Visa money to your bank in the same manner you would transfer funds from your regular credit card. The Visa card comes with an expiration date, and security code, similar to the plastic card. If the issuer is able to allow transfers to bank accounts you’ll be able to make the transfer by logging into your account online.


What can I do to pay using the virtual Visa credit card ?
Simply type in the gift card number or egift code into shopping cart, and then complete the transaction.

What can I do to pay using the virtual debit card ?
You can use Your Virtual Debit Card at all merchants that accept payment via contactless. All you need to do is attach your card onto your mobile device and then place it close to your POS terminal.

What is a virtual credit card ?
The Unlimited VCC Create Method are unique credit card numbers that permit you to make transactions on your primary credit card without using — or divulging -your primary credit card number. … A credit card issuer with the virtual credit card number can permit you to block or remove a specific Virtual Account Number.


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